Sailor Neptune


Sum raised: 15,000 HKD

The project series ‘Sailor Neptune’ was funded by YCC with an aim to investigate the relationship between fantasy and gender, as well as to place HK and international artists in dialogue with one another.


Part I of the series was on view between November 2016 and January 2017 at Neptune (Chai Wan, Hong Kong), featuring works by Isabella Ng (Hong Kong) and Christian Thompson (AU,) in which gender performativity explores subjects of sovereignty and representations of colonised bodies. Several generations across East-Asia and beyond recall Sailor Neptune and her partner Sailor Uranus as the queer characters of the Sailor Moon manga series, often represented being intimate with each other. For many, the two may have been the first lesbian figures encountered in their childhood, both in print and on TV, making Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus archetypical lesbian figures throughout many parts of contemporary Asia. Coincidentally or not, “uranian" was a Victorian term for homosexuality (originally used for someone with "a female psyche in a male body”) and adopted by several artists and intellectuals — including Oscar Wilde — as part of their early efforts of emancipating gay identity. 

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Part II of the project series presented works by Angela Su (Hong Kong) and Maria Fernanda Cardoso (Colombia / Australia).

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