Happenings are gatherings from London to Hong Kong around an exhibition, event, screening, studio visit, concert and more that relate to art in and out of Asia with a focus on discovery and unravelling innovative, alternative perspectives.


Clark House Initiative, The Showroom, London

Private tour of Clark House Initiative group show at The Showroom followed by private dinner with Director.

Zadie Xa, Union Pacific, London

Private tour of Zadie Xa's solo show at Union Pacific followed by private dinner with artist at young collectors' home. 

Wu Tsang, Spring Workshop, Hong Kong


Tour  of Wu Tsang commission and exhibition 'Dulian' with Director Christina Li followed by Potluck Lunch at Spring Workshop

Group Exhibition, The Empty Gallery, Hong Kong


Tour of exhibitions followed by talk with Founder Stephen Cheng of The Empty Gallery, Hong Kong

Gordon Cheung, Edel Assanti, London

Private view of Gordon Cheung's solo exhibition 'Unknown Knowns' at Edel Assanti, London

Shen Xin, Lychee One, London

Tour of 'Strongholds', Chinese multimedia artist Shen Xin's first solo show in London at Lychee One

DJ series, Potato Head, Hong Kong

Curated 2 hours of music by invited YCC member selected from the Potato Head vinyl collection with their in house music specialist.

New Hall Art Collection x Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong

Intimate 'salon' style evening introducing the New Hall Art Collection at the University of Cambridge and their mission to produce research and collect works by Hong Kong female artists in collaboration with Asia Art Archive. 

Zheng Mahler, Art Central, Hong Kong

Reformulation of Zheng Mahler's work 'Deep Water' in the form of a VR film and a series of 3D prints. Presented by YCC booth at Art Central.