Deep Water


by Zeng Mahler

Sum raised: 5,000 HKD


‘DEEP WATER’ (2016-17), a solo project by Hong Kong-based collective Zheng Mahler, was the first project collectively funded by YCC and originally produced for HOLY MOTORS, an independent art space in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong. The original work virtually re-mapped the streets of the Sham Shui Po market with a combination of video and 3D animation, the camera followed the invisible paths of the former streams and waterways which ran through the area (Sham Shui Po translates as Deep Water Market) which were reclaimed from the harbour in the 1960’s. In tracing these long lost natural geographies and travelling the ‘urban as well as subterranean depths’ of these zones, Zheng Mahler also referenced various historical strata of the area including its role as the location of a Japanese POW camp during WWII and a Vietnamese refugee camp in the 1970’s.


YCC was invited to present ‘DEEP WATER’ at Art Central 2017. On display at Art Central was a re-translation of the original work from a single-channel video work into an immersive VR experience alongside a series of 3D anaglyphic still prints from the video. By bringing the work to Art Central, de-contextualized from the surroundings which the work was originally produced for, Zheng Mahler were interested in focusing on the idea of this work as a speculative ‘time-machine’ by allowing the audience to experience various versions of the natural and political history of Sham Shui Po simultaneously through a 360 video Virtual Reality experience and a series of anaglyphic 3D prints which the audience could view through the provided 3D glasses.