About YCC


The Young Collectors Collective (YCC) is a growing network of active, like-minded individuals who seek to redefine the notion of patronage towards art from and related to Asia.



Founded in Hong Kong in 2016 and extended to London in 2017, the invitation-only group encompasses over 300 global members who recognise that support of the arts extends beyond collecting and encompasses long-term values such as participation and discussion.

The group comes together for regular social happenings from Hong Kong to London and collectively raises funds for innovative projects, from commissions to installations, screenings and exhibitions, with the aim of opening and expanding artistic dialogue related to Asia.

From 2016-17 the collective focused on raising funds for select grassroots organisations in Hong Kong: Holy Motors, Neptune and Things That Can Happen. In 2018 the collective will focus on supporting projects that connect Hong Kong and beyond to London across mediums such as sound and printed matter.